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இனிதாய் எளிதாய் கற்போம் தமிழை - Interactive Book

இனிதாய் எளிதாய் கற்போம் தமிழை - Interactive Book

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This lovely book is a great hands-on book to learn Tamil words in a very interactive manner. This laminated book comes with a marker for you to try out the words you experience, and even write out the main letters in the Tamil alphabet.

Also, the Velcro-based cards included let you quiz your child and strengthen how well they know the words included. This book comes with an erasable marker and extra Velcro dots to help them stay on longer. 

Topics include

* உயிர் எழுத்துக்கள் 
* மெய் எழுத்துக்கள் 
Days of the Week
Tamil Months
Part of the Body
Good Manners
Letter Writing Practice
Alphabet Chart.

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