Tamil Alphabet in Audio Mode


Firstly, thank you for your purchase of the  "இது என்ன எழுத்து? " activity book by the ABCs of Tamil for Kids.

As promised, here are the audio files that you could use to learn how to clearly pronounce all the letters of the Tamil alphabet. 

Take a look at the audio playlist below to play the sounds of the letters according to the pages they are on within the Activity Book. Click on the audio items one at a time and enjoy.

Follow them through one page at a time. Feel free to pause, rewind, and listen to them repeatedly till you perfect them!

Enjoy learning how to recognize all the 247 letters of the Tamil alphabet with  "இது என்ன எழுத்து? " 



Tamil For Kids · இது என்ன எழுத்து-Ithu Enna Ezhutthu Alphabet Audio


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