Let's Conquer Primary 1 Prep

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Are you a teacher or learning centre looking to conduct Primary 1 Prep classes for our dear children? We know the term "Primary 1 Prep" might seem super overwhelming to parents. I mean this is the first step to a road filled with homework, assignments and so much more.

However, educators such as yourself are doing so well in ensuring that it enhances the confidence to parents and children, without adding on the stress. 

Your engaging sessions, interactive classes, interesting story telling sessions, and many other hands-on sessions - they do wonders and certainly help children love Tamil more and fear it less.

And we would like to help with your endeavours. After all, it does take a village to raise these children.

Let us ensure these children enjoy their Tamil lessons with your sessions, along with the help of some of the resources we have here for you.

Take a look below for the list of Primary 1 Prep books that we could now offer to you at a discounted rate (about 10-40%).

Primary 1 Prep Recommendations

How Would These Help?

You could choose to 

Add them as part of a welcome package

Use them as a part of the class curriculum

Sell them at retail price as supplemental material to the children

What Are You Waiting For?

Discounts are based on the quantity ordered and other factors. You could save as much as 40% off on some of these items. We focus on engaging activity books, our one-of-a-kind AR technology-based flashcards, hands on puzzles, and story books.

Please do let us know how we can work together to ease the overwhelm families face as their child is embarking on a new journey with Primary School Tamil.

You could contact us using the form below or via Instagram @tamiforkids (do send us a DM).

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